Tax 400

Our tax-related conference project address among other things:

Tax compliance: How to make sure the client’s financial assets have been disclosed to the tax authorities; If not, how to make use of Tax Amnesty Programs/Voluntary Disclosure Programs
How to prepare for the OECD Common Reporting Standards (CRS): What to report, how to handle Special purpose vehicles, life insurance’s, holdings, trusts for tax reporting purposes

Tax crimes & offences: How to mitigate the risks of tax and criminal penalties and procedures with domestic or foreign authorities

Which tax planning strategies are compliant, or no longer compliant? What are the risks for finance professionals and wealth planning advisors?


Our AML/KYC related conference project address among other things:

Know-Your-Customer rules: How to apply existing and forthcoming regulations addressing on-boarding procedures, what are the relevant information & redflags to look for, how to deal with Personally Exposed Persons (PEPs), when and what are you required to report Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) to the Financial Investigation Units (FIUs)?

Anti-Money Laundering: What transactions, industry sectors, clients, countries are at risk? What are the AML legal threashold? What is the responsibility of financial institutions, corporate services providers, wealth planners, Trustees?

Trade 400

Our conference projects on Commerce, Trade and Arbitrage are set to address among other things:

Commerce/Trade/Arbitrage: How to settle trade dispute with foreign countries? What are the investment climate conditions and regulations when entering foreign markets? What are the new regulations with potential adverse effects on trade? How to protect your investments and intellectual property rights? How to deal with countries under sanctions?

Etique CRS 400

Our Ethics, CSR related conference project address among other things:

What are the red flags to look for to keep your firm’s reputation safe from potential harming engagements? Why is transparency important? How to address the protection of Whistle blowers? What are the legal requirements in place?

Leadership 400

Our conference projects on Leadership & Organisation are set to address among other things:
How to make your organization more efficient, what are the new management tools at hand, how to motivate your team better, what are the pros and cons of different remuneration structures, how to mitigate adverse currency risks when paying workers in domestic or foreign currencies, what are the checks and balances to keep in mind, how to undertake a massive layoff plan?

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